Featured Project

Echo Lake Pond Project
Feb 2010

Echo Lake Country ClubPavelec Brothers recently constructed a new 2 acre irrigation pond and a new pump house building for a future course-wide irrigation system. An existing pond near-by was drained, dredged and deepened and had shelves constructed to support a variety of native wetland plants. After the de-watering and dredging, a dry stack stone wall was constructed halfway around the perimeter of the original pond.

A 10,000 square foot decorative pond was also constructed between the irrigation pond and the existing pond. The decorative pond has a unique shape with natural, random placement of rocks, boulders and indigenous, low-maintenance water plants. Three eye-catching waterfall features were created at either end of the decorative pond, one leading in and two emptying out into the existing pond. A stone arch bridge was built between them to allow golfers to navigate the hole.  Read More...

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